This Sunday we will pay tribute to our friend and band mate Nathan Malher. Please help spread the word. All money raised will be donated to his children’s college fund.

Here’s a little bit of the back story.

In late March of 2015, while we were gearing up for another string of shows (The Mound Builders were actively playing shows in support of a new EP release) we received word that our guitar player Nate Malher was admitted to the ER and later taken to Indianapolis as he had been diagnosed with Leukemia. He had taken to treatment well but on April 4th we received word that he had passed away. This was absolutely devastating to us. We were just shocked and were unsure what to do with ourselves. We ended up canceling a few shows as we did not know what we were going to do. We not only had lost a band mate (Our lineup has not changed since August 2009) but we had lost a good friend.

It took serious reflection and discussion on whether or not we were going to continue but in the end we decided that Nate would not want us to quit. Through encouragement of friends, family, and fans we decided that we would continue as a 4 piece and not try and replace him. Nate was a very gifted and unique guitar player and we feel seeking to replace him wouldn’t be right if we were to continue in this venture as The Mound Builders.

As for the future, we are trying to play as many shows as we can this summer, which will take us all over the state and into Illinois. Our drummer has another child on the way and we’ll have to take a short break in September as he welcomes a new member to his family. We have put together a memorial for Nate that we will be playing at the Lafayette Theater on June 28th. All proceeds will be donated to his children’s college fund. Nate was the only income for his family so we are trying to help out as much as we can.

We plan on putting out the 2 songs we recorded (Nate’s final recordings) in February sometime early next year. More news of this will be announced soon.

Bitty Talls
Fight Like Sin
Only Human
Jason Gilkey

We’d Be
Antica Arcana
The Fantasies
Karl Vaughn
Bo Jackson 5
The Cocaine Wolves
Harry Flowers
The Mound Builders

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